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The Minimum Effective Dose: Tim Ferris Greek to Freak Workout

Now that we’re two months into the New Year, the “New Year, New You” posts on Facebook and advertisers trying to convince you to “come back to the gym” have died down. Yet, despite lockdowns and remote jobs becoming more prevalent, a new(er) year has revived us, we are still somehow even more strapped for […]
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Kettlebell Challenge Week 1

Lessons Learned Brock D. Vickers As with any challenge, the athlete must make changes. For me, the 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge has already presented me with challenges.  The first obstacle faced is that the recommended 53 lbs kettlebell was not doable. For one, the max kettlebell we have at Level 1 is 20 kg. That […]
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Can you conquer the Kettlebell Challenge?

10,000 Kettlebell Swings in 4-5 Weeks Brock D. Vickers After being in lockdown for God knows how long, people turned to the most efficient tool on the rack to get fit: the kettlebell. Try going to your local sporting goods store or ordering one of these 16 kg cast iron bad boys, and you will […]
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