Level 1 Fitness endeavors to spread a culture of healthy living and emotional well-being that is achieved through intelligent eating, regular physical activity, and a positive mental attitude. Our strategy is to pursue quality, innovation, and customized solutions to help our clients achieve their optimum healthy lifestyle.

We have partnered with TechnoGym, of Italy, to outfit our facility with the most advanced fitness equipment in the industry. Level 1 Fitness is home to the only Kinesis functional training system in Philadelphia. We have also partnered with K-Motion to offer the most intuitive and innovative motion training system available. Our seasoned trainers tailor training toward client-specific needs. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, premium equipment, and expert fitness professionals, Level 1 Fitness can help explore the path to a better you!


Originally hailing from Long Island, Frank Calandrino was introduced to fitness culture while living in its epicenter: Southern California. Between 1990 and 2000, Frank observed and experienced Southern California’s cultural belief that fitness extends beyond gym visits and obsessive weight loss. “On the East Coast, fitness is more cyclical, such as wanting to get in shape for the Summer” Frank observes, “whereas on the West Coast, it’s more lifestyle-driven.”

When he opened up Level 1 in 2007, Frank endeavored to bring some of the SoCal vibe to Philadelphia. Instead of catering to a select group of gym rats and bodybuilders, Level 1 works one-on-one with a diverse range of clients to understand where fitness fits in their lifestyle. This philosophy is reflected in both the gym’s abundant amenities and their approach to personal training. Frank and his trainers help clients understand how exercise can be incorporated into a wider, holistic understanding of lifestyle fitness that also includes nutrition and mental wellness.