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How to Beat Carbohydrate Addiction

Our bodies are designed to be attracted to all carbs because they are our premium octane fuel that is used for all brain function. The problem is that when we start eating highly processed carbs we’re sliding down a slippery slope
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Turmeric Tomato Detox Soup Recipe

This turmeric tomato detox soup recipe will help get your body on the right track, whether you have been kicking your workouts butt or needing an extra push.
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Pumpkin Pie Parfait Recipe

Not only is this Pumpkin Pie Parfait recipe seasonally appropriate and suspiciously decadent, it packs an antibiotic punch as pumpkin is a superfood in disguise!
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Level 1 shares fat loss tips from Trainer Brandon Mentore

Level 1 Shares Fat Loss Tips from Trainer Brandon Mentore

There is a lot of misinformation in the fitness community about dieting for weight loss.  Thanks to a lot of fad diets promising miraculous results, many people are left feeling unsure about how to eat for fat loss. If this is you, you are in luck!
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peanut butter banana "ice cream" recipe

Peanut Butter Banana “Ice Cream” Recipe

From the blog ‘Pinch of Yum,’ we found a peanut butter banana ice cream recipe that tastes like ice cream, without the dairy or guilt!  Using frozen bananas, this frosty treat is just as creamy as your favorite Ben and Jerry’s.
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Fitness goals thoughts by Level 1 Fitness

Fitness Goals: How Your Thoughts May Sabotage Success

I have been a personal trainer for over five years and most of the clients that I see have a strong desire to alter their appearance by losing weight, building muscle, or both.  Over the years, I have observed ways in which clients can achieve their fitness goals, while others fall victim to negative thinking. […]
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Interview with John Goldthorp

A very common issue addressed by fitness professionals and physical therapists is muscular compensation. Muscular compensation refers to the process of a muscle becoming overactive or tight due to inhibition of another muscle.
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